Mastering Artificial Intelligence For Business Growth

Training program & workshops

Pragmatic & applicable methodologies, tools and knowledge are curated for business leaders to sustainable growth with artificial intelligence.

The Training Objectives

This training course, Mastering Artificial Intelligence For Business Growth, is structured around 4 pragmatic and strategic modules that are indispensable for managers and entrepreneurs.

Unique in its kind, this training is designed in an interactive setting, to equip and guide you, to achieve performant, productive and sustainable growth in an AI-immersed world.

Module 1

Learning the artificial intelligence CAPR model.

Module 2

The Timing Management Dynamics Principles for Leadership.

Module 3

Building the L.I.U. For Decision-Shaping.

Module 4

Finding The Next Big Opportunity.

What knowledge, skills and abilities are you going to earn?

What data to gather, analyze and how to predict the next big opportunity with AI.

How Timing Management Dynamics impact efficiency, productivity and growth.

Selling the value of the momentum with AI.

How to build your Leadership Intelligence Unit.

How to implement decision-shaping culture powered by AI.

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