Optimize your administrative workflow with generative AI

Training & Workshops: Optimize your administrative workflow with generative AI

Why this training?

Exploit the full potential of generative AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT, Notion AI, Clickup AI and more with the corporate training: Optimize your administrative workflow. Learn how to make them your virtual partners, and improve the management of administrative tasks.

Are you looking to increase your efficiency and your team’s? This corporate training will guide you through proven techniques and strategies for making the most of generative AI. Through practical examples, tips and interactive exercises, you’ll learn how to interact optimally with these tools, using their skills to meet your specific needs. Get ready to discover new ways of working smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Training goals

  • Learn how to use the generative AI tool that best suits your way of working.
  • Discover how to maximize your management of administrative tasks with AI.
  • Understand the ethical issues associated with the use of artificial intelligence, and be able to take them into account in its use.
  • Understand the functionalities and capabilities of the chosen AI tool.

Optimize Your Administrative Workflow corporate training includes:

A pre-engagement call

45 minutes

From 1 to 3 sessions per training

90-120 minutes per session

Number of seats per training

Up to 15 seats


30-day access to digital support materials


Virtual or in-person


From $200 per seat

Training methodology

The training will incorporate interactive lectures, practical exercises using AI tools, and real-world case studies to apply the concepts learned. Group discussions and empowering questions will stimulate critical thinking and practical application.

Training content

  • Introduction to generative AI tools. (Microsoft Copilot ; Open AI ChatGPT and others)
  • Principles and features.
  • Identify the administrative tasks you can delegate to AI according to the Eisenhower matrix.
  • Which AI generative tool is right for which task?
  • Identifying the preferred tool.
  • How to use generative AI efficiently.
  • Different examples of everyday use.
  • Evaluating the impact of generative AI use.

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How is the use of Generative AI setting new efficiency standards?

Generative AI in administrative workflows is setting new standards. What would freeing up time and resources truly add as a value to your business?

Imagine generative AI for business as a tool not just for efficiency but as a partner in refining how we approach everyday tasks, ultimately helping your business run smoother and smarter. Its ability to automate complex processes and generate high-quality content marks a pivotal shift in how organizations handle mundane tasks, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and reduced operational costs.