Hiring an AI assistant: Making time to be the leader you want to be

Training & Workshops: Hiring an AI assistant: Making time to be the leader you want to be

Why this training?

What if you can free up your time and allow yourself to concentrate on enhancing your leadership skills and engaging more deeply with your team? This is exactly what “Hiring an AI assistant: Making Time to be the Leader You Want to Be” corporate training course is designed to do. Ease the identification of routine communications, to discover which content creation to delegate it to a GPT (MyGPT or Copilot) and how to make this AI tool a virtual assistant you can count on.

As a leader, every minute of your day is precious, but imagine if you could reclaim this time spent on routine tasks and redirect them towards truly leading and connecting with your team. This course isn’t just about learning tools; it’s about transforming how you work. We’ll guide you step-by-step on how to integrate this powerful AI tool into your workflow, making it a reliable ally in your leadership journey. Let’s explore together how leveraging AI can free you up to focus more on what you do best—inspiring and leading your team. Join in, and let’s make the most of your leadership potential by harnessing the power of AI.

Training goals

  • Discover how to identify routine communications with minimal extra effort.
  • Understand the Capabilities of AI Assistants.
  • Discover how AI can assist in content creation and allow for consistent output while you dedicate time to more complex projects.
  • Learn how to monitor and manage the performance of AI tools to ensure they are meeting your needs and adjust their functions as required.
  • Ethical Considerations and Data Security.
  • Focus on how the time saved by using AI assistants can be redirected towards leadership development with LeaderZone

Hiring an AI assistant corporate training includes:

A pre-engagement call

45 minutes

From 1 to 3 sessions per training

90-120 minutes per session

Number of seats per training

Up to 15 seats


30-day access to digital support materials


Virtual or in-person


From $200 per seat

Training methodology

The training will incorporate interactive lectures, practical exercises using AI tools, and real-world case studies to apply the concepts learned. Group discussions and empowering questions will stimulate critical thinking and practical application.

Training content

  • Reclaim the waisted time
    Exploring AI Assistants and its possibilites
    Understanding the capabilities and limitations of various AI tools.
    Detailed exploration of features specific to leadership support.
    Practical demonstrations of AI capabilities in handling administrative tasks.
  • Make your automated communication truly yours
    Techniques for integrating AI into daily communication tasks.
    Practical exercises on setting up AI for email management, scheduling, and follow-ups.
    Demonstrations on how AI can assist in generating content that you can trust.
    Guided practice sessions for participants to create content using AI.
    Group discussions on overcoming integration challenges.
  • Ethical Considerations and Data Security
  • What would you make out of your freed-up time?
    Exploration of how AI frees up time for strategic leadership and team engagement.
    Role-play exercises to practice leadership skills enhanced by AI efficiency.

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Hiring an AI assistant: Making time to be the leader you want to be

Hiring an AI assistant: Making time to be the leader you want to be

How would you make AI work for you, ensuring that it supports your objectives as a leader?

How would you capitalize on AI for communication? Adopting AI tools is merely the first step. The true challenge — and opportunity — lies in transforming these tools into integral components of your leadership practice. The liberation from time-consuming tasks opens up new possibilities for leadership development. This is where the true value of AI assistants lies. This time can be used to foster deeper connections with your team, delve into strategic planning, or develop your skills in areas like decision-making and emotional intelligence…