Make out of AI, your best ally

•⁄ identifiable Consulting helps you create the AI tool that answers your business needs.

In operations, administration, managerial or marketing and sales, our AI solutions are built on trusted platforms such as Microsoft Copilot, Open AI ChatGPT, and other renowned technologies.

We own our progressive approach, cost-efficient design, data privacy principles, and value-driven solutions, and we make sure your business, leadership, and teams have what it takes to make every day a successful day. 

AI solutions designed for management needs

Business leadership

Project management

Team management

Service-providers management

AI solutions designed for business development needs

Business leadership

Strategy consultants

Marketing executives

Sales executives

AI solutions designed for effective communication needs

HR managers

PR entrepreneurs

Marketing executives

• Sales executives

The generative AI solution that works for you!

Yes, it is possible to develop the AI that suits your needs. That actually helps you the way you need it to, according to your reality, and that answers your challenges.

Give yourself the chance to pursue your vision and focus on growing your business.

Our custom-built generative AI solutions are designed to perform the tasks that are specifically instructed to do. The automation put in place, powered by AI, will reduce up to 45% of your daily tasks and are developed to evolve with your business.

This new reality, where you can, actually, do what’s important, is only a few steps away!