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Revolutionize your business with generative AI.

• ⁄ identifiable consulting puts generative artificial intelligence at the service of your company’s leadership, management, and administrative workflow.

Through training, customized AI tools and consulting services, we support entrepreneurs, managers, and their teams in achieving their development goals.

High-impact AI solutions from businesses across Canada

We have developed close partnerships with renowned companies nationwide, to offer you AI solutions focusing on the four main aspects of your business, while keeping security at the core of our services.

Discover how our generative AI solutions make us the guardians of your business growth

Modernizing operational and managerial structures is at the core of every business growth. Our promise is to assist you, every step of the way, to reach your goals.

Harnessing the capabilities of generative AI to the service of efficiency and productivity, we stand by our approach keeping your teams at the heart of the transformation.

Our methodology values the smooth skills shift of your staff.


As an industry-leading consultancy, we adopt the market leaders generative AI platforms such as Mircosoft Copilot, Open AI ChatGPT, along other renowned technologies to bring secure and sustainable solutions.


Our commitment is to use AI ethically. Integrity is our North Star and our raison d’être.

Sculpting a Super Team by instilling a decision-shaping culture

Mastering The Super Team Dynamics

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into decision-making processes is not just a trend but a strategic imperative. Learn how sculpting a ‘Super Team’ by instilling a decision-shaping culture can be the way to lead.

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