Wissam Daibess

Entrepreneur and expert AI for Leadership, business growth and marketing audit within the Six Cs Group Inc. consulting team and the company • ⁄ IDENTIFIABLE

Entrepreneur and expert AI for Leadership within the Six Cs Group Inc. consulting team and the company
• ⁄ IDENTIFIABLE, both based in Montreal. My triple expertise covers strategy, artificial intelligence and business growth, backed by solid experience in the marketing sector.

I’m committed to supporting startups, VSEs and SMEs, offering professional training in artificial intelligence. The innovative methodologies of these unique training courses enable these companies to increase their competitiveness, quantify their marketing efforts, keep their leadership relevant, and set them on the growth path.

With over 18 years of experience, I have worked with a wide range of companies and agencies, both local and international, such as the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Lebanon’s Ministry of the Environment and the European Commission’s LIFE program, Pepsi/StarAcademy, Bvlgari for Publicis active, Guerlain, Champagne Krug, Maison Birks, Aldo, Financial Horizon, pharmaceutical firm SpecPharma among others… to help them optimize their marketing, and team and project management strategies. These interventions are marked by the adoption of digital technologies, a refined understanding of changing consumer trends, and adaptability in the face of market mutations. As a marketing and management consultant, I have been involved in the implementation of large-scale technological innovations and integrations, the deployment of automation solutions, and the design of efficient processes for the management of digital and face-to-face marketing campaigns and projects.

My input aims at putting humans first. Optimizing management decision-making, maximizing company revenues and significantly improving the customer experience.