PIVOT AI Optimize

Embrace, Engage, Empower

Learn “What to AI”, “When to AI”, and “How to AI” along with the best practices on the market.
By the end of this course, you will gain full visibility over workflow process optimization, robust decision-making, and AI best practices.

5 modules
+ 1 Workshop

The content can be delivered in hybrid mode, in-person or online.

Made for you

If you are a forward-thinking C-level executive, business owner, or strategist.


The modules contents are designed to suit every industry.

Training curriculum

Throughout the training sessions, we’ll explore the following subjects:

Module 1:
AI For Growth

Discover which AI structures, strategies, and applications align with your growth objectives.

Module 2:
Relevance & Insights

Gain exclusive visibility on case studies, special tools and unique opportunities that align with your line of business and organizational structure.

Module 3:

Learn how to rethink the decision-making process. Design a process that relieves you and your stakeholders, saves time, and effort, and ensures better results.

Module 4:
Empower & Engage

Include relevant stakeholders for each specific project and empower them to work together to reach beneficial decisions that you can support. Discover how AI can amplify productivity, increase competitiveness and ensure team capabilities.

Module 5:
Time, Timing & AI

Discover how AI can help organizations like yours enhance their time-to-market, implement intelligent automation, understand and predict market and customers needs.

Application Workshops

Participate in interactive sessions where you'll apply your newfound knowledge. Brainstorm, envision and plan, an AI-driven solution tailored to your business's unique challenges.

A unique program that enables a future-ready organisation.

Our approach combines flexibility with structure to provide the best possible experience.

Experience customized and relevant training modules, contextual and business-mediated.

Discover the possibility of extending the modules to your organization’s needs.  

Take the PIVOT AI course of action.

Identifiable Marketing Audit Package

Think of us as your marketing detectives. We dive deep into your marketing activities, analyze what’s been effective and what hasn’t. We don’t just identify the problems, we provide actionable solutions. Imagine having a clear understanding of your marketing strengths and weaknesses, and a roadmap to improve your results. That’s what a marketing audit can do for you.

Our services are flexible and adaptable to your unique needs and budget. We’re not just a one-off solution, we’re here for the long haul. We’re really excited about the potential of your business. With Identifiable Marketing Audit, you’re not just buying a service, you’re investing in a more successful future for your company. Isn’t it time you took your marketing to the next level?

Understanding your business goals and setting up a roadmap for success

Identifying what has worked, what hasn’t, and uncovering untapped growth potential

Helping you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to better position your brand in the marketplace

Getting to know your target audience and how you are trying to reach them and answer their needs to improve customer engagement and conversion

Ensuring your brand’s consistency across all channels and its alignment with your business values and objectives

In-depth assessment of your online presence, a analysis of the visibility of your products and services along with the user experience already in place.

Evaluating your social media strategies to enhance engagement and brand awareness

Understanding your marketing metrics to track progress and drive decision-making

Providing a comprehensive report of our findings, with practical, actionable steps for improvement

Presenting our audit results, explaining the recommendations, and discussing next steps for your marketing strategy

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