PIVOT AI For Businesses & Leaders

The most comprehensive private training program from •⁄ identifiable. Designed to guide entrepreneurs and business leaders in building AI-powered strategies and capabilities.

5 Training Courses

25 Modules

5 Workshops



The possibilities and the potential.

This training course will help plan and develop a comprehensive AI strategy by empowering your organization’s leadership and teams.

Learn about AI, related strategies, possible applications and the potential for the future of your leadership and your business.  

  • Identify the potential of AI in Business Growth.
  • Analyze the best practices of AI Applications for Business Process Automation.
  • Learn about the impact of AI-Powered Marketing and Customer Experience.



Marketing Audit Intelligence.

This training course will help identify pain points and strengths with an in-depth audit, analysis and a diagnostic of the organization’s marketing investments.

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business via relevant AI technologies.
  • Analyze your marketing strategies and explore with actionable solutions areas of improvement.
  • Learn how to assess marketing investments with an In-depth AI diagnostic.



The ROI-AI for Leaders and Business Growth.

This training course will help you validate AI strategies and their potential return on investments. From budget reallocation and cross-functional collaboration, ensure accuracy, reliability, and scalability while maintaining data privacy and compliance.

  • Identify the fit and reliability of your AI strategies.
  • Demonstrate the scalability of your AI strategies implementation.
  • Learn how to assess the security and compliance of your AI strategies.



Embrace, Engage, Empower.

This training course will help you harness the power of AI integration, and have a strategy to empower and engage your leadership and your employees.  

  • Identify the full potential of AI integration Leaders and their teams.
  • Learn where to integrate AI, when to do so, and how to set it up for success.
  • Learn how to assess the decision-making process and productivity enhancement. 



Pivot towards an AI-driven, competitive business.

This training course will help transform your business with your pivot strategy via AI predictive capabilities, process optimization, and team empowerment.  

  • Identify the costs and investments needed to empower your leaders and employees through change.
  • Analyse the scalability of your strategies through AI predictability and foster an adequate AI-driven culture.
  • Learn how to assess the core business processes, cross-department collaboration and AI adoption.

Take the PIVOT AI course of action.

Understanding how AI will affect your business is paramount in leveraging its potential.

To address this knowledge gap, •⁄ identifiable offers a comprehensive training program designed to equip leaders with the skills and insights needed to pivot towards more capable personnel, and competitive business, and safely integrate AI at the service of their success.

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