Mastering Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Training program & workshops

Pragmatic & applicable methodologies, tools and knowledge curated for business leaders to optimize marketing with artificial intelligence.

The Training Objectives

  • Grasp the core concepts of Timing Management Dynamics and apply them to enhance marketing effectiveness.
  • Gain proficiency in conducting comprehensive AI marketing audits to refine and optimize strategies.
  • Learn to establish and effectively use a Marketing Intelligence Unit for data-driven decision-making.
  • Merge design thinking with AI to continuously innovate marketing practices and strategies.

Module 1

The Timing Management Dynamics Principles in marketing.

Module 2

Start an artificial intelligence marketing audit.

Module 3

Building the M.I.U. The Marketing Intelligence Unit.

Module 4

Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence. The path to evergreen innovation.

Why take advantage of this training course?

Analyzing real-world examples where TMD principles significantly impacted marketing outcomes.

A step-by-step guide to performing an AI-driven marketing audit.

How to leverage the Marketing Intelligence Unit for strategic decision-making and tactical adjustments.

Integrating design thinking with AI in marketing for sustained innovation

Exploring upcoming trends and how to stay ahead in the marketing innovation curve.

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